The Imperiia Project is a historical geographic information system that exists for a simple purpose: to promote the study of Russia's spatial history.

In slightly more expansive terms, the project aims to

  1. make available a series of annotated datasets and historical maps related to the physical infrastructure, demographics, culture, and economy of the tsarist state;
  2. assist instructors in bringing interactive engagement with maps and geographical information into the history classroom;
  3. encourage conversation among researchers, instructors and students interested in the spatial history of the empire.

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Meanwhile, you have arrived at Imperiia's gallery hub. What does that mean?

We consume a large amount of visual material: maps, plans, playing cards, photographs, paintings - you name it. We often mine those sources for information and integrate them into our narratives and visualizations. 

In order to be sure that we are 1) maintaining good metadata and, even more importantly, 2) not misplacing things, we collect visual material here. The added benefits are that from here, we can 1) serve content out to other apps (for example, Omeka and Scalar play nicely together), and 2) capitalize on the image annotation power of Neatline.

What all of this means for you is that here you can 

  1. Access full citation information for maps and images;
  2. Scroll through collections of content;
  3. Enjoy the dynamic viewer built into each item view;
  4. Navigate using the Item Browser;
  5. Connect back to the content we produce via the link on each gallery page.

Questions? Contact us: imperiia@fas.harvard.edu

And follow us on Twitter @ImperiiaProject