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Together, these 59 atlas sheets constitute the Geographic Atlas of the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Poland, and the Grand Duchy of Finland. The metadata for each sheet in this collection consists of the following:

We marked up the Moscow Province sheet so that you can get better sense of what this looks like.

Each sheet is linked to at least one map layer, and to any number of other items in the project site. These "item relations" are listed at the bottom of the page, along with any relevant thematic tags.

Put these sheets together, and you get not just an atlas, but a Spatial Profile of the Russian Empire


This is a curious case. The Piadyshev atlas describes Kharkovskaia guberniia, despite the fact that that particular administrative unit had been summarily dissolved and reconstituted as Slobodsko-Ukrainskaia guberniia in 1796 (PSZ 17,634). It would…

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