When one encounters a river, one has 3 options*: wade in, sail across, or climb over.

Most humans, particularly when transporting quantities of goods or people, prefer to avoid getting wet - thus the longstanding popularity of ferries and bridges.

95% of the plans in the collection show rivers. Of those, 53% attest to the presence - extant or planned - of bridges. Rather than pull together that massive body of evidence (many of those plans include more than one bridge), we have assembled a sampling of bridges narrow and wide, schematic and complex. There are even a few pontoons. If bridges are your thing, use the Vantage Points to isolate the rest.

*Let's agree that walking around an entire river is silly.

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Annotation: "The many bridges of Astrakhan"

There are at least 3 different varieties on display, with the 2 larger bridges over the Kutumov River and the smaller bridges over the canal running through the center of town.

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