Charm Town

Style and substance. Welcome to Chernigov.

Set on the Desna River, Chernigov is graced with monasteries and churches, an episcopal residence, and the impressive (at least, we imagine they were impressive) residences of men of power such as the governor-general (2), the civil governor (3), and the vice-governor (4).

There is greenery everywhere. Boulevards, tree-lined streets and parks, gardens at the monastery and official residences. There are bathhouses (16) in two locations along on the Stryzhen River. There are cultural sites, including schools and possibly the only library mentioned in the entire collection (D). Fresh beer flows in from the brewery (17) and meat makes it way to market through the slaughterhouse (18). Goods of all kinds are traded on the fairground on the west side. Chernigov is teeming with goods and services.

And there is an order to it all. If you have looked at a few plans in the collection it will come as no surprise that there are blacksmith shops (15) near the city gates and cemeteries (20) on the outskirts, outside the town walls. A large market square complete with public scales (10) anchors the north end of town, and the main government offices are clustered in the south. Energy pulses from the center, moving out through the streets - a pleasant blend of straight and gentle curve - to the tree-lined post roads that connect this town to other nodes in the empire's vast territory.

But we ought not shower too much praise on Chernigov. For one thing, many of the lovely features gracing the plan are... well... planned. They are gestures toward a future version of Chernigov.

For another, note the pasture lying between the Desna River and the town proper: it floods each spring. Perhaps the floods bring a welcome balm to the city. Then again, perhaps they add notes of stagnant water, mud, and mosquitoes to an otherwise charming landscape.

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