Greenspace in Russian towns came in a variety of forms. There were botanical gardens, formal gardens, orchards, vineyards, and silk plantations, parks and tree-lined boulevards.

The plans give us only a hint of the role played by vegetation. A handful include labeled "green" features, but far more rely on graphic devices: dots denoting trees in a cemetery in one town; or curling lines indicating some sort of shrubbery on a riverbank in another. Trees and shrubs and flowers and grass - it is in large part up to our imaginative abliities to edit them into the picture of Russian urban space sketched by the plans. 

These two collections make that work a little easier. 

Note: There are 25 parks and at least 9 areas of unidentified vegetation in the collection as well. We have not created collections for those features, but you can find the relevant plans using the Vantage Points visualization.


Dozens of variations on the theme of greenery. Come have a look.


The shady parts of town. Meander under the trees... if you dare.