Fluid City

Mariupol is all movement.

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This plan is easy on the eyes with its green spaces and a wash of salt water (the Azov Sea) in the south. The churches honor holy women (Mary, the Mother of God, and Mary Magdalene), and the Kal'mius and Kalets rivers curve gently along the east and northern ends of town. 

The river lines are echoed by the roads running out of Mariupol. In fact, one can feel the rhythm of men unloading goods from boats on the Azov shore and making their way to the storehouses on the Kal'mius. From there they move north across the bridge past the old fortifications into the merchant rows and shops. Whatever they couldn't sell in town traveled west to Orekhov, north to the village of Sirtana, and east to Taganrog. 

One burning question lurks in the back of our minds: With water, water everywhere, where are the fish shops?

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