Salty coastlines looming at the empire's edge. Fresh water in gentle and treacherous forms... Water was everywhere, coursing and still, crossed by bridges, channeled into canals, harvested in wells. Was it a commodity, rare and precious? Or a commonplace, taken for granted and left off the map? 

It turns out the town plans are water-logged. We have tagged the seacoasts and seasonal floodplains. We logged the ponds and wells (you can find them, along with all the other feaures, in the Vantage Points vizzes). And in the collections below we shine a spotlight on some of the most essential features of the empire's urban space.

Oh, and we are building an interactive map showing the relationship between the towns and rivers (coming October 2021), so stay tuned! 

Click on a "watermark" title to access notes, distribution maps, and the collection of associated annotations.