Tidy Town

Ah, what striking symmetry. Is it too good to be true?

(Be sure to open the annotated plan above in fullscreen mode for best viewing.)

Maloiaroslavets, like all towns of Kaluga Province, falls into the category of "medium" feature density. A quick look at the annotated plan, studded with neat blue rectangles, reveals that almost all of Maloiaroslavets' features were planned. By contrast, the existing urban fabric was thin, consisting of 4 churches and a monastery. As a result, the plan - the layout of the town's imagined, rational, future - is tidy and uncluttered.

There are a few other distinguishing characteristics. You might notice, for example, that wells will be distributed evenly across the town and smithies (blacksmith shops) will be located near the southern gates. The butchery, or slaughterhouse, is the only feature located outside the town walls.

Care to live like a local? On your way home from the meat shop (9) or the monastery (A), stop in at the brewery (8). It is perched above the river bank on the bend of the Luzha. From there you can look out across the water, sip your beer, and be grateful that your town is no longer subject to raids by the Crimean Tatars.

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