Prevalent or rare, prominent or subtle, here is a trio of urban landmarks that gets us thinking in new ways about what was where, and why it mattered. 

The Urban Legends project catalogs almost 100 different features. It is a lot to keep track of. We highly recommend playing around with the vizzes (access them here) to get a sense of what was where. But this page is a good place to start, too. 

Click on a "landmark" title below to access notes, distribution maps, and the collection of annotations associated with each landmark.


Visit 13 apothecary shops with a geography all their own. 


37 towns in the collection boast public banyas and you can find them all right here. 


Town walls are one thing, but a fortress is something else altogether. We've assembled them. What will you discover?

On to Greenspaces or Watermarks!

Or, head over to the Vantage Points, where you can use the Feature Finder or another viz to identify other interesting features. Maybe you are interested in silk plantations or Jewish communities or breweries or butcheries: use the vizzes to locate features that pique your interest, then plug the town name into the search box at upper right to access the full plan.

(Yes, you will need to roll up your sleeves and maybe even take some notes. But sometimes, if you want to understand the past, you have to stare at it for a while.)