Grand Promenade

This one would have brought a smile to the face of Catherine the Great.

This plan of the southern city of Yekaterinoslav (Ekaterinoslav), with its unfailing regularity, well-ordered spaces, and perpendicular lines, would have brought a smile to the face of Empress Catherine II. 

The green spaces of the city include small parks with churches nestled within, larger areas for meadering, and long promenades for strolling. There is a remarkable bridge across the Dnieper (Dnipro) River, and note the road to Kherson on the south side of town - the sailors there are always up to something.

That said, the space of Yekaterinoslav looks - there is no other way to put it - empty. The plan is filled with block after block of unmarked space. And it is unmarked, rather than empty. The final note in the legend declares that there are 1,070 households in town. Thousands of urban residents requiring shops and markets and, gosh, at least one prison. And where is the brewery? The bathhouse? Are there no blacksmith shops or cemeteries? What are the planners playing at here? Are they hiding something? 

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